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I look. I see. I hear. I think. I do... Not necessarily in that order.
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About Me


An architect, designer and photographer with extensive experience in creating and managing visual communications. Started his career as an architect in 1996 then added New Media to his skills in 1999.
A creative and versatile professional with strong background in visual communications, information and interaction design, user experience and usability evaluation. Also competent in client acquisition, managing client relations, preparation of project plans and proposals.
As an architect and artist, his works usually focus on built environment and nature and the tensions between them. He regards photography as a creative medium for the visualisation of everyday data, rather than a form of artistic expression.
He currently lives in Istanbul where he runs his own design business. In addition to working as a studio instructor at Bahcesehir University, School of Architecture, he occasionally gives lectures to design professionals and students on information architecture, which he titles as "Stating the Obvious"

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Visual Communication Design
Worked as a designer/producer both for his own account and for advertisement or new media agencies since 1998. During that period he designed and developed numerous websites and user interfaces both by himself and with teams; as well as working as a project or process based design consultant for multiple organizations.

Graphic Design
For more than 10 years, he worked as a graphic designer and artist on numerous commissioned and non-commissioned projects. Creating brand identities, logos, information graphics, typefaces, books, brochures etc. for both print and digital media.

Throughout his career he always kept architecture as the basic and comprehensive discipline while venturing on other forms of art and design. To achieve this, he worked in close relations to significant architects, architectural organizations and institutions. Attended project juries in multiple educational institutions. And conducted multiple workshops and gave numerous lectures on information architecture, visualization and mapping.

Usability Evaluation
As a designer, while working on interface design, he had the chance to focus on usability issues. He studied and implemented various usability inspection methods on several projects. In 2005 he finished his master's study on this subject (Graphical User Interfaces In The Context Of User-Product Interaction And Usability Evaluation Methods) in ITU - Istanbul Teknik Üniversitesi / Istanbul Technical University, Department of Industrial Product Design. This is the first academic publication written in Turkish on this subject.

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2003 - Current
Architect, Designer, Consultant Currently working as a self employed architect and designer, working alone or building teams of professionals in accordance with the extent of the project at hand. In either direct connection with the clients or working through advertisement and media agencies.Also working with/for fellow architects and architectural institutions on projects within the frame of his current field of practice.
Projects: Brand identities, logo and type designs, websites for numerous organizations. Nesine.com Usability and Design Consultancy for Dogan Online. Coke Red Pages (Coca Cola E-Learning Environment for Coca Cola Co.). Fanta Youth Fest Official website. Istanbul Paradoxa - The Book.

2000 - 2003
New Media Designer, ManagerVRG - Visual Research Group / Mirage MXM Advertisement Agency, Istanbul
Projects: Troy Pilsner website and online game interfaces, Mirage MXM corporate website, numerous CD and DVD productions.

2000 - 2001
Webmaster, Designer IKSV, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts
Projects: Design, update and maintenance of IKSV websites.

Designer Sibername Ltd, Istanbul
Projects: Ixir Guide user interface, typography and icon sets. Designs for ongoing website projects for the agency's regular clients: Efes Pilsen, KVK, etc.

1998 - 2000
New media design and development Yogurt Technologies, Istanbul
Projects: Pamukbank Personal Banking user interface, Demirbank Corporate Website, Eczacibasi Group interactive CDs, Acik Radyo Official Website, Pozitif Productions and Doublemoon Records Official Websites, Sabanci University Digital Presentations, etc.


Graphic design, Photography Obscura Photography Film and Production Co., Istanbul
Projects: Posters, catalogues, brochures and advertisements for regular clients.

1995 - 1998

Architect Atölye Mimarlık, İstanbul
During his third year in ITU School of Architecture, he founded ‘Atölye’ (a place to serve as a hub for fellow architects, designers and students) with S. Omacan, S. A. Köknar and E. Temurcan.

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Design Studio Instructor
Worked as a part-time studio instructor at Bahcesehir University, School of Architecture. Focusing on data, creation of information and using these as design inputs, thus transforming the studio study to a perpetual and cumulative process.
Lectures on information design and visualization:
A series of lectures titled "Stating the Obvious" at Bahçesehir University, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul Kültür University, Mekanar Roxy Geceleri, etc.
Workshops on design, visualization and information architecture:
A series of workshops focusing on information architecture, visualization, representation techniques and/or mapping at Istanbul Technical University, Mimar Sinan University, Kadir Has University and Bahcesehir University

Elverişli Arıza @ MSGSU Tutor, with H.T. Şengün, C.H. Dereli
Az/Çok - Less/More @ Kadir Has University Tutor, with A.S. Öztürk
Istanbul Mimarlar Odasi Kent Düsleri Atölyesi - LUSID / Tepebasi Tutor, with A. Önder, B. Dündaralp, S. Omacan, C. Balkır, B. Kürtüncü, M. Eyiler, H. Sözen.
imkanmekan APART-MAN (for Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Program) Project participant with A. Önder, C. Balkır
imkanmekan KARAKÖY (for Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture Program) Project participant with A. Önder, C. Balkır

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EDUCATIONM.Sc., Industrial Design, User Interface Design, Usability Evaluation. 2005
Istanbul Technical University
M.Arch., Computer Aided Design. 1999
Yildiz Technical University
B.Arch., Architecture. 1997
Istanbul Technical University

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Good command in digital design tools and computer software like all Adobe Products for print and digital media, audio/video editing, interactivity, organizing, mind mapping and data visualization software. As well as architectural design tools like: Archicad, Autocad, SketchUp, etc...Familiarity with programming languages like HTML, PHP, SQL, Javascript, Actionscript. Creative coding with V4 and Processing.